Delivery & Shipping

Shipping Policy

After the order has been placed and processed within 5-7 business days. The customers will receive the product within their respective shipping time frame.

The Product CAN NOT be returned once the item has been shipped, confirmed as delivered or used. It is a perishable beauty product and just like makeup and other skincare items, it can not be returned after use.

Once the product has been confirmed as delivered, no refunds can be issued to the customer as it is out of the manufacturer's and shipping carrier's possession. If the customer has an issue, they can file a claim with either USPS or Route to see about potential reimbursement or new order fulfillment. The manufacturer is allowed to turn down customer's requests on the basis of fraudulent activity or inconsistencies if detected.

Free Shipping Insurance now covers lost, stolen or damaged packages and customer must file claims through Route for package issues to be resolved. If the issue falls out of Route's coverage, customer may send in request for their claim to be reviewed by the BJuiced Customer Service Team.