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Inspired By My Mother

Belly Juiced: Waist Slimming Oil

As you all may know my love for Science runs deep but what you don’t know is that my story goes way back…it all started with a young 17 year old girl having her first child with all of the odds stacked against her. People said she wouldn’t amount to anything and that her daughter would fall into the same pattern.

That young woman is now the best Nurse I know…That young woman is my Mother.

I grew up watching my mom in the medical field helping women and saving lives, and I wanted to do the same. I grew up around some of the world’s best doctors, nurses, and other scientist and always looked up to my mom!

Since launching my mom has been hassling me everyday saying.. “So Naja when you gonna make the lipo oil cus yo momma tryna get snatched!” The whole time Ive been researching and formulating for the past 6-8 months without her knowing!

Thank you mommy for always believing in me. You have always been my biggest cheerleader! BJUICED wouldn’t be here without you and you pushing us in school and even allowing me to mix up your kitchen ingredients growing up to make various skincare products😭